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2019 Teachers@Work Summer Externship Program

Purpose: The externship experience helps teachers connect classroom content with students’ future career interests and helps students develop both the academic and technical skills required in the world they are preparing to enter.

Teachers@Work-Twin Counties, piloted July 29-August 2, 2019 as the Teacher Summer Externship Program, was very successful.  This unique professional development opportunity paired local middle school STEM coaches/teachers with employers from the Twin Counties for a five-day, forty-hour week, real-life work experience.  Teachers selected for this program also attended STEP’s Education and Business Leader’s Summit, developed and implemented a project-based lesson for students, and shared their experience with colleagues and with our Board of Directors. 

Externships provide teachers with first-hand exposure to our industries which helps them tie classroom curriculum to real-world applications. With this discovery teachers can design and implement classroom activities and projects that add relevance and meaning to student’s classroom learning.

Thank you to our 2019 teacher externs and industry partners.

2019 Industry Partners and Summer Externs/School System

City of Rocky Mount, Parks and Recreation Dept.              Kimberly Gay/NRMS

City of Rocky Mount, Water Resources Dept.                      Hazel Lewis/ECPS

City of Rocky Mount, Water Resources Dept.                      Susan Varnell/NRMS

Cummins, Rocky Mount Engine Plant                                     Rebecca Stokes/ECPS

Cummins, Rocky Mount Engine Plant                                     Rita Hedgepeth/NRMS

Kanban Logistics                                                                          Karey Pierre/ECPS

Keihin Carolina System Technology                                        Lisa McElwee/ECPS