Our Strategy

Our Mission

Improve the educational opportunities of students in the
Twin Counties, cradle to career, by facilitating collaboration between our schools, community colleges, our community-based organizations and our employers.

Our Ultimate Goal

Build a Strong Local Talent Pipeline

In School

Lunch with a Engineer, Healthcare Career Connections, Mini Career Cluster Showcases

Out of School

Broaden job shadowing, internship opportunities, and industry tours

Staff Development

Summer Institutes, Teachers @ Work-Twin Counties, industry tours, and seminars to educate and share best practices

Workforce Readiness Coalition

The Workforce Readiness Coalition is a group of educators representing Edgecombe County Public Schools, Edgecombe Community College, Nash Community College and Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, along with business/industry and community stakeholders. The Coalition seeks to strengthen the region's career and technical education pathways, career awareness programs and the workforce system to produce a work ready community.

Our Mission

We will promote and facilitate the successful collaboration of those involved in preparing a qualified workforce.

Our Goals

  • Addressing the soft skills gap
  • Increase work-based learning experiences
  • Increase awareness of students and educators about local products, companies and careers in the Twin-Counties region

How You Can Help

Volunteer your time or services:

  • Internships for students to gain experience, determine interests, network with professionals, or gain  school credit.
  • Short-term externships involving shadowing a professional during a normal day. Could include  informational interviews, facility tours, participation in facility  activities, etc.
  • Serve as speaker for students during class. Topics will include current issues in industry.
  • Provide lunch seminar with industry information/update
  • Provide faculty continuing education opportunity to visit
  • Serve on a program specific advisory board
  • Provide scholarship opportunities to enrolled students
  • Provide on-site interviews for students seeking careers
  • Mock interviews for students to gain practice with experts
  • Donation of equipment for training purposes
  • Offer internship plus scholarship for tuition and/or books through Work Study Scholarship Program (WSSP)

Work-based learning (WBL) is an educational strategy for students and educators to put theory into practice with real-life work experiences. Work-based learning can vary from job shadowing & internships to simulations & mentoring. It allows students to explore various career paths.


Teachers @ Work-Twin Counties is a unique professional development opportunity for local educators to connect classroom to workplace. Educators complete a paid one week summer externship in local companies.

Student Internships & Apprenticeships

S.T.E.P. actively works to support and expand work-based opportunities for students in Edgecombe and Nash counties.

S.T.E.P. serves as a continuous improvement network for workforce development of the Twin Counties. By facilitating collaboration with public schools, community colleges and employer sectors, Career & Technical Education pathways are reevaluated annually. S.T.E.P.'s Workforce Readiness Coalition also provides industry representatives a platform to analyze and compare with preferred industry requirements.