Lean Into Literacy

Literacy liberates, empowers, and opens the doors to high-quality credentials and postsecondary degrees. Our students deserve to read anything - read EVERYTHING - they want to pave the path to the future of their dreams. 

“Lean Into Literacy” is a holistic approach to increasing reading proficiency in the Twin Counties fueled by community collaboration and centered around equity. Our students benefit tremendously when all stakeholders work collectively.

Our mission to improve literacy rates in the Twin Counties includes: 

  • Engaging a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Highlighting the necessity of literacy programming
  • Increasing the visibility of literacy services
  • Sharing best practices in literacy 
  • Collaborating with school districts to provide resources for our literacy partners
  • Providing training and resources for families and community members
  • Advocating for the equitable disbursement of resources

How can YOU Lean into Literacy in the Twin Counties? 

  1. Let us know what you and/or your organization are doing to improve literacy rates in the Twin Counties. Are you hosting an event that we can attend? Volunteer for? Share with others? Are there resources we could provide to enhance your event?
  2. Introduce us to others working to improve literacy rates. We know that the only way to do this is together. 
  3. Volunteer your time. We are working to build a network that is working toward improving literacy outcomes for our students. We will connect you with an opportunity that works for you. 
  4. Do you have high impact literacy strategies you’d like to share with families and communities? Let’s put our heads together and organize an event! 
  5. Do you have a story to tell about the importance of literacy or literacy impact on your life? Let’s work together to find a platform to share it on. These are important stories for all readers to hear. 
  6. Make a donation designated for literacy training and programming. Or share grants intended to support literacy programming. And then partner with us to spend the funds to support literacy efforts in Nash and Edgecombe Counties! 
  7. Spread the word about our work!


For more information, reach out to Caty Gray Urquhart (cgurquhart@step-partnership.org) or fill out this form to let us know how YOU can Lean into Literacy in the Twin Counties!